A downloadable game for Windows

A retro top-down shooter, with procedurally generated maps. Each room is designed by hand, but various randomization can occur for enemy behavior and weapon pickups. This project was made for the PotluckJam in 7 days. Everything created by Tyler M Richardson, except the music, created by Ozzed.

Controls: WASD keys to move, left mouse button to shoot.

Tips: You only need to pass through 18 rooms to reach the end boss, so run and gun is your best strategy!

Known Issues: Some enemies fail to find a path to you, making them easy to deal with.

Install instructions

Just unzip the archive, and run the executable.


Lasers, Robots & Demons.zip 5 MB


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Very good! Intense game play.  I played for a long time trying to complete it but I am a noob. :( Lots of different enemy mechanics and weapons kept it engaging. Pixel art is awesome.

Thanks for the kind feedback! 👍

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!